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Cuffley Village Centre

Station Road is the retail centre of Cuffley Village, and the heart of the village.

The area, which is the gateway to the village from Cuffley Station and Goffs Oak and Cheshunt to the east, includes a retail parade with a number of community facilities including a GPs’ surgery, dentists, Barclays Bank, the Library, The Parish Council Offices  and a Post Office.  The Village centre has a good range of shops and services providing for day to day needs. These include, two small supermarkets, a newsagent, florists, hairdressers, estate agents, a bookmakers, the builders’ merchant, and a variety of restaurants, cafes and takeaways. The Plough pub is located a short distance away on Plough Hill. There is also the Two Brewers pub in Northaw Village.

Community Facilities and Services

Cuffley is a large Village surrounded by the Green Belt with shops services and facilities serving the community needs of the village and surrounding rural area including Northaw.  Cuffley contains a number of community facilities including the Cuffley Village hall, three churches, and the local library.

Northaw is a small village within the Green Belt with no shops and few services, instead relying on access to Cuffley and Potters Bar to meet day-to-day needs.  Northaw has two pubs, a church, a village hall, the Kidston Institute Hall and a community orchard.

Northaw Village Green and Church

There are two primary schools in the Parish, Northaw Church of England Primary School and Cuffley School.  There is no secondary school or college in the Parish so children in these age groups have to travel further afield to access education.

King George V Fields is a large sports and leisure facility which serves both Northaw and Cuffley.  This is an important resource for the Parish in terms of sport, recreation and access to open space.

Local Crime Figures for Northaw and Cuffley Parish Area

Follow this link to view a map which shows recent crime figures and locations within the Parish. This information is maintained and updated by the Hertfordshire Police. Northaw and Cuffley Crime Figures. 

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This section lists the contact details of schools and toddler groups in the Parish


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Voluntary Organisations & Groups

This area lists the contact details of various groups operating within the Parish.

Parish Boundary Map

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This section lists a brief history of the Parish

Local Businesses

Sopers Road is a designated Employment Area with office and light industrial employment.

Community Directory

This page allows you to search our database for businesses that operate in and around Northaw and Cuffley Parish.

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