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Travel Survey

This page is reserved for a Travel Survey (under development by MarkW on 10th Jan 2019)

Survey about bus services and travel options in Northaw and Cuffley

Following reductions in the 242 bus route service the Parish Council and the Resident’s Association received a large number of complaints. It seems unlikely that WelHat will provide a subsidy for this service in the future. This made us think about how the Parish Council could help with the transport issues that have arisen subsequently.  This questionnaire has three aims:

  • Firstly, we’d like to know whether and how this has affected you
  • Secondly, we’d  like to share alternative transport options which we know about
  • Thirdly we would like to find out about alternative transport solutions you may be using

which we could share with others

So do take a minute to complete this questionnaire.  You can return it to the Parish Office at 7, Maynards Place, Cuffley, EN6 4JA. We will also be setting up an online version through a link on the Council website. All information will be confidential and anonymous.

About bus usage

1. How frequently in the last two years have you used the 242 bus service

2. If you have used the bus service, what was your reason for doing so? Tick any that apply

To go to workTo go to the hospital/GPTo visit leisure destinations e.g. library, theatreTo go shoppingTo go to school/college/universityTo go to a stationBecause your car was unavailableOther

2a. If you entered Other, you can add some comments below:

3. If you never use the bus, why is that?

Your own carBicycleTaxiLift with a neighbour, friend or relativeOther

If you entered Other, you can add some comments below:

About alternative services

1. If a bus has not been available, what alternative services have you used?

Your own carBicycleTaxiLift with a neighbour, friend or relativeOther

If you entered Other, you can add some comments below:

2. Does your place of work have a travel plan? If so, please tell us about it here.

3. Have you ever used any of these schemes? Tick any that apply

Dial-a-Ride (Herts County Council door to door service for people over 75 or with a disability)Shopper Hopper and Lunch Hopper (Welwyn and Hatfield minibus service for older and disabled residents or those who have difficulty getting around.Transport to supermarkets and lunch clubs)Hertfordshire Action on Disability Service (HAD) (a charity providing a 24hr door to door service for people with disabilities)Car share companies e.g. BlaBla Cars, Liftshare (nationwide services open to anyone and booked online)Hospital transport

3a. Hospital transport - If using this, would you use public transport if this was available? Select Y or N


4. Have you used any other service not listed above? Please let us know the details below

About You

1. What age category are you?

Under 1819-3031- 6060-75Over 75not specified

2. Do you have a bus pass?


3. If you do have a bus pass which one do you have?

older person’sdisabled person’s

4. Do you have a disability?


Thank you for filling in the survey

Is there anything else you would like to add, for example, how have the cuts in services affected you?

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