The important of having a Neighbourhood Plan for Northaw and Cuffley is demonstrated by the recent press item below:

Devizes homes appeal dismissed due to neighbourhood plan conflict

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has said that conflict with an emerging neighbourhood plan was a key factor in his decision to refuse permission for a 350-home scheme at Devizes, despite an out-of-date local plan and the absence of a five-year supply of housing sites.

Wiltshire Council had earlier refused permission for the homes, a local centre providing 700 square

metres of Class A1 retail use, open space, cycle ways and landscaping at land off Coate Road and Windsor Drive in the Somerset town. The inspector who held the recovered appeal had recommended the appeal should be allowed.

The decision letter said: “This is a finely balanced case. Overall, the Secretary of State considers that the proposed development would represent an extension of the built-up area beyond the current urban boundary.

“He recognises that it would represent a sustainable form of development and that, as the council cannot demonstrate a five-year housing land supply, the key Kennet Local Plan policy is out-of-date.

“Nevertheless, in the particular circumstances of this case, he does not consider that the benefits of the scheme significantly or demonstrably outweigh its adverse impacts, particularly as a result of the conflicts with the emerging Devizes Area Neighbourhood Plan strategy.”