Although the season has not yet fully started we received large volumes of Green Waste through March. Generally, the quality of the material received was good due to tailoring the collections at depots to a more timely manner than previously which is something we have worked on going forward. The grate size and Carbon/Nitrogen monitoring seems to be working well and thankfully the contaminants of plastic and paper seems a little less than previous years, so hopefully people are more aware about keeping waste streams pure to avoid problems further down the line. We received a few reports of odour on the morning of March 28th, these started at 10am and nothing was noticed after midday. However we ceased operations and investigated. Having tracked the records a consignment of sub-standard material had upset the stability of one of the windrows. The material has been addressed and this customer has now been stopped using the facility until they can adapt a more thorough system of holding the material at their depot. The additive applicator has been delayed in delivery but we hope will be operational very soon.

Anaerobic Digestion

We are still receiving local out of date foods from the immediate vicinity to generate electricity. We continue to monitor the lagoon and the new pipe to extract gas from the lagoon back to be used in the electrical generation of the facility is now operational and working effectively. We continue to monitor all aspects of the facility at regular intervals to make sure nothing is causing us concern.


I appreciate this is a relatively short update for the situation in March, but both facilities are running at a consistent level presently. We seem to be receiving odour complaints from the Goff’s Oak area of Halstead Hill over the last 4-5 weeks. We have sent out our own staff and directors and have noticed a smell of sewage or cesspit around that area that is nothing to do with any of our operations. A suggestion that local investigation by others will be able to pinpoint the emitter.

In the coming weeks, we will be welcoming a party from Enfield in Bloom and the local council to show them around the facilities. We are also pleased to be able sponsor the Enfield in Bloom gardens with compost.

The Compost giveaway for Cuffley will be scheduled for early in May, details and dates will be confirmed very soon.

I must apologise that in the last letter I referred to Roy Lawford as the secretary for the Cuffley Horticultural Society, I did mean Roy Papworth, sorry about that Roy.


Adrian Williams
Cattlegate Farm