Date: 8/7/2015

Three related news articles

Extract: Residents in Northaw and Cuffley are kicking up a stink – about the bad smell in the villages. A composting facility, built at Cattegate farm last year, was blamed as the source of the offending odour. Jason Grocock, the clerk of Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council, said: “Several days last week the smell was very bad. The bowls club had to cancel a game because peopel on the green were retching.”

Villagers Kicking up a stink over ‘vile’ smell. How to reports ‘nasty’ whiffs. SCANGB chairman Barry Knickel said:”since the commissioning of the windrow composter there have been scores of complaints to the Enviroment Agency regarding obnoxious smells. The agency have visited the site and issued an enforcement notice to the operator to ensure preventative action is carried out.

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