Northaw & Cuffley Parish Council

Parish Boundary Map

About this map

The map below is interactive and shows the boundary of the Parish of Northaw and Cuffley. You can move the map and zoom in and out. The map detail zoomed in, is not precise. If you have any questions about boundaries then these should be addressed the Parish office or through the contact us page. The Parish office has a very detailed Ordinance Survey map of the area.

The map contains place markers indicating the following categories: Parish Council Managed Land, Parish Council Areas, Parish Council managed buildings. Included in the map below are: Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council Office, Ron North Pond (Northaw), Cuffley and Northaw Youth and Community Centre, Cuffley Hall, King George V Playing Fields, Northaw Village Green, Northaw Closed Graveyard, Maynard Place Car Park, Sopers Road Car Park and Millenium Gardens.

How to use the map

You can open the map full screen by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the frame. The symbol to the left of this allows you to share the map with someone else.

The map shows a variety of areas and buildings that the Parish Council looks after on behalf of the Parish. You can zoom in to see the details. Where an area of land falls under the responsibility of the Parish this is indicated by a boundary line. Where it is a single building it is indicated by a marker.

If you zoom in and click on a pin or an area you will see more details about it.