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Rules approved by the Council at the Meeting on 19th January 2017


A Grant by a Local Council can be described as a payment made by the Council to be used by an organisation for a specific purpose in the furtherance of the well being of the local community, either generally, or for a specific purpose, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Council.

The Northaw & Cuffley Parish Council recognises the valuable role that voluntary organisations play in providing local services and underpinning community activities. We have for the financial year 2018/19 created a fund of over £25,000 for the provision of Grants to Voluntary Community Organisations who operate primarily with Northaw and Cuffley.

Eligibility for Grants

To be eligible for a grant the applicant organisation and its proposals must satisfy the following criteria:

  • The organisation must be clearly not for profit, be voluntary in nature, and not operating for personal gain.
  • The organisation must have a solid presence in the Northaw and Cuffley Parish area, and in particularly any project funded must be focussed on the area. National organisations are eligible to apply but they must be able to demonstrate a strong local presence.
  • Grants will only be provided for one off initiatives or projects. We will not consider providing funding towards operational losses, administrative costs, or activities which extend over a number of years.
  • Grants will not be given to projects already underway or contractually committed.
  • The maximum grant will be £5,000 and the minimum £250 for any one project or initiative.
  • The organisation will be expected to have a clear and defined modus operandi which would include written objectives and constitution with transparent and accountable  governance which would typically include the organisation’s management board being elected at an AGM and being accountable to either the organisations members, or the local community or specific nominated stakeholders.
  • An applicant organisation must be able to demonstrate that it is properly managed, able to run its affairs responsibly and have the capacity and competence to deliver the project proposed.
  • An applicant organisation will be expected to have a bank account in its own name.
  • Start-up organisations are eligible providing they already have a clear modus operandi , as set out above, and have a bank account in the organisation’s name

Rule for applications for Grants

If an organisation wishes to apply for a grant then it must submit a written application by Friday 4th May 2018 and include the following information:

  • Full details about the organisation, including history, objectives, constitution and management arrangements.
  • Details of financial affairs including a copy of the most recent annual accounts, which should have been independently reviewed or audited by a suitable qualified person, normally for at least two financial years.
  • Description of the activities currently or recently undertaken, and how they have benefited the local community in the past.
  • Declaration of any existing relationships with the Parish Council or any Parish Councillors.
  • Outline of the proposed project/s or initiative/s including detailed costs and funding.
  • Projected future community benefits arising from the project.
  • Project delivery plan including timescales and management arrangements.
  • The Parish Council will not provide application forms in order that organisations may make applications in “free form” using whatever format and style is most       appropriate for the type of project or initiative.

The administration and accounting for the use of any grant will be the responsibility of the applicant organisation.

Applications will NOT be considered from any organisations intending to support or oppose any political party; to discriminate on grounds of race or religion; or from any organisation operating in the pursuit of some form of personal gain.

The full document can be downloaded if you follow this link: NCPC Council Grant Awarding Policy and Rules – Revised 20th April 2018