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Frequently Asked Questions

We have broken this section down into two groups. One is general FAQs which are towards the bottom of this page, and the first section is website specific to help you to get the most out of this website. 

Using this website

This FAQ section has been put together based on frequently asked questions and general guidance on how to use this website. Please check here as there may be an answer already listed.  If you think there is something missing from this section please contact us and let us know.

The FAQs are listed below. Find a question similar to yours and click on it to expand the item.

Q: Can I print the pages from the website?

A.  The website has been designed to be an effective way to present information to visitors. We anticipate that you will find what you need, and access it online without the need to print it. The formatting of content is optimised for online reading and more importantly the ability to search the whole site for related content. We will add printable documents to some entries in the website such as minutes and agendas. The current format uses plain text rather than PDF documents because the site can search text, but not search the contents in a PDF document.

Q. Can I search for things?

A. The site has been built with search in mind. We have endeavoured to add content to the site in text rather than images everywhere so you can conduct searches on the site and list all of the relevant materials. Newspaper articles and pictures cannot be searched or indexed because they are images.

Use the search icon in the menu to enter search terms. The website will return a page with article titles on it and short entries of text. Click on the title of the article to open it full screen. The list provided to you is created in date order with the most recent article at the top of the list.

Some sections on the website have narrower searches based on the category the page refers to. For example it is possible to search for items that are categorised under finance. In this case the site will only search those documents that fall into this category.

Q. I am having problems locating something what am I doing wrong?

A.  Searching the site works based on matching your text with the text in the site. So if you put in “Councillor” as the search term, the website will find all of the entries that feature this word. 

Very often you may find that if you change the word, or add more words in to the search box your results may differ, and you may find what you are looking for. So try to be creative and choose different words or terms to search for.

Q. I have found an error what do I need to do?

A. If you have found an error on the site, we would like to know about it so we can correct it. Please use our contact us page to do that. We need to know which page you were on, and where on the page the error is located. We will then review the error and take the necessary action.

Q. When I click on a button it does not do anything, what am I doing wrong?

A.You are not doing anything wrong. We have added buttons in places on the site for downloading items. In some cases we have prepared the page for say, the next few meetings. However the minutes have not been published, or the agenda is not available because the item is in the future. If that is the case there will be a note and an asterisk on the item. Where something has an asterisk by it, do check. It often means that the item is not available yet.

General FAQs

This FAQ section has been put together based on frequently asked questions that are sent to councillors and the Parish Clerk. If are thinking about asking a question about something, please check here as there may be an answer already listed. In many instances enquiries are made about matters that the Parish Council has no authority. In which case we have listed whom to contact to you to resolve your enquiry. If you think there is something missing from this page please contact us and let us know.

The FAQs are listed below. Find a question similar to yours and click on it to expand the item.

Q: Where are the Community Defibrillators?

A.  One is located outside the entrance to Northaw Village Hall on Northaw Road West, and one is located outside the Parish Council Offices at 7 Maynard Place Cuffley. NB. If you think you need to use one of the defibrillators, you need to phone 999 and ask for the Ambulance Service, then state what the issue is and that there is a defibrillator available and the location. If they consider using the defibrillator is appropriate then they will give you the code to open the defibrillator unit. There are instructions on the unit and voice guidance.

Q. What does the Clerk/Dep. Clerk do?

A. Please see the details under the “Council Staff page” on this Website.

Q. Who is my Member of Parliament?

A.  Charles Walker OBE MP.  Although Northaw and Cuffley Parish is part of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council area, it is in the Broxbourne Parliamentary Constituency. Follow this link to locate the contact details

Grant Shapps MP is the MP for most of the Welwyn Hatfield area.

Q. Who are my local Borough Councillors?

A. Follow this link to go to the page on Government and Local Government contacts.

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