Present     Councillor Bob Stubbs (Chairman); Councillors Christine Burrows (Vice Chairman);
and Councillors Sally Pollitt.

In attendance: Councillors Jane Brook and Andrea Allgood. Jason Grocock (Clerk & Proper Officer). One Member of the Public.

The Chairman asked if any Members of the public present wished to record the Meeting, and one did. Rules have been agreed by the Council regarding the Recording or Filming Meetings and these were made known to the person recording the meeting.

PR/01/17        Apologies:  Accepted from Councillors Mike Clark, and Peter Dace.

PR/02/17         Declarations of interest:  There were none.

PR/03/17         Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes of the meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee held on 7th March 2017 as prepared by the Clerk, had been circulated in advance of the meeting, and were agreed as a correct record of that meeting.  

PR/04/17         Advertising and Links on the Council Website.

The Clerk briefed the Meeting on the current requests for adverts and links on the Council Website from other organisations which claimed to be not for profit. The Committee RESOLVED: that no adverts should be carried on the Council Website, and only links for not for profit organisations should be included. 

PR/05/17         Review of Car Park Charges.

The Clerk presented a report, previously circulated, and as requested by the last meeting of the Committee. This report detailed the current Car Park charges, and made various proposals for change, which the Clerk had discussed with the Chairman.  RESOLVED:

  1. That only one free Parking Permit for Maynard Place Car Park should be issued each to Cuffley Library and Cuffley Hall Staff. The only other free permits would be for Parish Council Staff and Members for use on Council Business only.  
  1. That the current Maynard Car Place charge of £195= per quarter (inc. VAT) for Doctors, be increased to £225= per quarter (inc. VAT).  
  1. That the Maynard Place Car Park charge for parking for more than 4 hours should increase from £5= to £10= including VAT. 
  1. That the current parking fees for Sopers Road Car Park should not change at the current time, but kept under review, with the exception of introducing a £2= parking charge for Sunday Parking for any period up to the whole day. 
  1. All new charges to be introduced from 1st July or as soon as practical.

PR/06/17         Plan for 125 year commemoration of the Parish Council:

Cllrs Allgood and Pollitt presented proposals for the 125 year commemoration of the establishment of the Parish Council. The Committee recommended that this should go forward.

PR/07/17         Approval of Write-off of Debts:

The Clerk presented details of Council Debts of more than 3 months old which related mostly to the 2016 Village Day. RESOLVED: That further attempts should be made to recover the Debts before Write-off is considered again by the Committee.

PR/08/17         March 2017 Budget Monitoring Report and 2016-17 Outturn:

The Clerk commented on the budget monitor report for the year to 31st March 2017, previously circulated, which continued to show significant savings for the year to date. The report also confirmed that the outturn position would produce the level of savings which would more than cover the planned withdrawal from balances. Committee accepted the report, and asked the Clerk to report also to the next meeting of the full Council.

PR/09/17         Update on Village Day 2017:

Cllr. Pollitt provided and update on the preparation for the 2017 Village Day, which was all on track to be held on 8th July. The event had been advertised in the Easter Update Magazine. Commitments for the event had been made, including the arrangements for a Zip Wire, and more local people were coming on board to support the event. The report was accepted by the Committee.

PR/10/17         Future of Car Parks Management:

The Chairman and Clerk outlined the changes being made in the management of the Parish Council’s Car Parks, including the new arrangements for the street parking wardens to issue penalty tickets in the Sopers Road and Maynard Place Car Parks. The report was accepted by the Committee.

PR/11/17         Update on PCSO situation for Northaw & Cuffley:

The Clerk advised Members that PCSO Samantha Griffin had been covering the Parish since the departure of PCSO Ben Arnold in early April. A new PCSO had now been appointed and would be on duty within the month. There was however an overall shortage of PCSO’s in this Division, and that was likely to continue. The Parish Council’s own employed Warden, Linda Smart, would have the role of monitoring the performance of the new Wardens. The report was accepted.

PR/12/17         Questions from the Press & Public:

Questions were asked regarding the collection & disposal of Green Waste, and the Parking proposals for Maynard Place. A response to a letter to WelHat regarding Green Waste had been received, but this was not helpful. The expectation was still that double yellow lines would be introduced in Maynard Place, and two official Disabled Parking Spaces would be created.

PR/13/17         Exclusion of the Press & Public:

                        Following the normal resolution, the Member of the Public left the Meeting.

PR/14/17         Maynard Place Land:

The Chairman confirmed that there was a permanent injunction in place to prevent the obstruction of a right of way from a resident’s garden into Maynard Place. The Clerk and Chairman had recently met with the Council Lawyer, and they would be writing to the Developer and Contractor regarding potential encroachment on Parish Council Land by Utility Companies.

PR/15/17         KGV Land Transfer and S106:

The Chairman advised Members that a number of things were wrong with current documentation for the Land Transfer re land adjoining the KGV Playing Fields. The Clerk & Chairman needed to see the proposed S106 agreement, but this had still not been shared by either Borough Council or the Developer. Given the nature of the transaction it was agreed that it would not be necessary to engage lawyers or land surveyors to advise. However should the Chairman or Clerk identify any specific issues where advice was required they were authorised to take such advice”

PR/16/17         Items accepted as urgent by the Clerk:

                        There were no urgent items.

PR/17/17         Close of Meeting:

As there was no other business, the Committee Meeting Closed at 6-05 p.m.

Signed   ……………………………………                  Dated ……………………………

Clerks minutes are available for download and printing from here: 9-05-17 Policy and Resources Committee Minutes