*Note these minutes were reissued on 4th April 2017 overwriting the original clerk’s minutes




Present     Councillor Bob Stubbs (Chairman); Councillors Christine Burrows (Vice Chairman); Councillors Sally Pollitt; and Peter Dace.

In attendance: Councillors Jane Brook and Andrea Allgood.  Jason Grocock (Clerk & Proper Officer). Three Members of the Public.

The Chairman asked if any Members of the public present wished to record the Meeting, and one did. Rules have been agreed by the Council regarding the Recording or Filming Meetings and these were made known to the person recording the meeting.

PR/270/16      Apologies:  Accepted from Councillor Mike Clark.

PR/271/16       Declarations of interest:  There were none.

PR/272/16       Minutes of the last meeting:

The Minutes of the meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee held on 10th January 2017 as prepared by the Clerk, had been circulated in advance of the meeting, and were agreed as a correct record of that meeting.  

PR/273/16       Parking Issues and Review of the PCSO Contract.

The Chairman briefed the Meeting on the current problems regarding parking which related mainly to drivers seriously obstructing pavements in Hill Rise Cuffley, and Northaw Road West, Northaw. The Committee also considered comments from a Member of the Public who lives on Northaw Road West, and discussed the issues at some length.

The Committee agreed to ask the Clerk to report the concerns to the Chief Constable and seek more effective action from the local Police.

The Committee also asked the Clerk to seek the agreement of Northaw Village Hall to allow local residents who obstruct the pavement opposite the Hall to park in the Hall Car Park; to seem the agreement of the Northaw Scouts Group to allow local residents who obstruct the pavement on Northaw Road near to the their premises, to park in the Scouts’ premises Car Parking area; and to seek the agreement of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council to allow local residents who obstruct the pavement near to the Council owned Garages, to park in the Council owned area near to the said Council Garages.

The Clerk reported on the current position regarding the PCSO Contract, which is due for renewal with effect from 1st April 2017. This included feedback some comments from Councillors and from Members of Public. The Committee RESOLVED: to continue with the current contract for the contribution to the costs of providing a dedicated PCSO for the Parish. 

PR/274/16       Review of Car Park Charges.

The Clerk presented a report, previously circulated, detailing the current Car Park charges, which the Clerk had recently in the Welwyn Times. The Council’s Car Park Charges in general had not been increased for at least four years. The report also detailed the charges levied at the Cuffley Station for comparison. The Committee discussed options for change, including instances where free parking permits are issued, and the possibility of offering a fixed number of preferential rate parking permits to local workers. RESOLVED: that following consultation with Chairman, the Clerk should bring forward proposals to the next Meeting of the Committee.

PR/275/16       Revenue Budget Monitor report January 2017.

The Clerk commented on the budget monitor report for the year to 31st January 2017, previously circulated, which continued to show significant savings for the year to date. The Committee accepted the report, and asked the Clerk to report also to the next meeting of the full Council.

PR/276/16       Northaw Village Hall relationship with the Parish Council:

The Chairman explained that, although the Parish Council was invited to provide a Committee Member for the Northaw Village Hall (Cllr. Wilcox), the Council did not own the Hall, and had no other formal relationship with the Hall. It was therefore not possible for the Parish Council be form of “lender of the last resort” to the Hall. If the Hall did find themselves in financial difficulty, there was the option of selling the Hall to the Parish Council for £1=, and the Council would then take over the future management of the Hall

PR/277/16       Village Day 2017.

Councillor Sally Pollitt provided and update on the preparation for the 2017 Village Day, which was all on track to be held on 8th July. The event would be advertised in the Easter Update Magazine. Commitments for the event could now be accepted and the Clerk could arrange for payment of any advanced deposits etc. required.

PR/278/16       KGV Security.

The Chairman outlined the improvements in Security which are planned at KGV Playing fields following a number of incidents where the field has been damaged by motorbikes and quadbikes.

PR/279/16       Update on Cattlegate Farm Composter and Digester.

The Chairman explained the changes recently applied for which would mean that in future the whole complex would be registered as one site.

PR/280/16       Re Barham Court and Meeting with the Youth Centre:

The Chairman outlined the current planning related concerns at Barham Court relating mainly to insufficient parking provision at the site. The Council had previously accepted that some 70 parking spaces were required, but there are currently only 15 spaces provided on the site. There was therefore a real risk that those visiting the site would park in the Youth Centre Car Park, thus limiting the spaces available for those using the Centre. There was that this was already taking place. The Clerk, Chairman, and Cllr. Allgood had met with representatives of the Youth Centre in order to provide help and advice. The attitude of the Youth Centre was regrettably that they don’t really want any help from the Parish Council and see little merit in holding further meetings with the Parish Council.

PR/281/16       Questions from the Press & Public.

One member of the public asked why the Road Hedge along Northaw Road West had not been cut. The Clerk explained that this was the responsibility of the relevant tenant farmers or landowner, and a complaint should made to County Highways, though their enforcement tends not to be very effective since saving were made in the relevant team.

PR/282/16       Exclusion of the Press & Public:                       

Following the normal resolution, the Member of the Public left the Meeting.

PR/283/16       Security of Cash Risk Assessment.

The Committee discussed and accepted a Risk Assessment Report prepared by Cllr. Brook dealing with the collection and banking of cash. The Committee accepted the report and agreed to make no changes in the current procedures.PR/284/16       Items accepted by the Clerk as Urgent:                        There were none.

PR/285/16       Close of Meeting:

The Clerk confirmed the next Meeting of the Committee was planned for 9th May.As there was no other business, the Committee Meeting Closed at 6-10 p.m.

Signed   ……………………………………

Dated ………………………………………

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