Present: Councillors Sally Pollitt (Chairman), Mike Clark (Vice Chairman); Jim Sharkey.
Councillor Andrea Allgood in attendance.

Jason Grocock (Clerk & Proper Officer).

No Members of the Public present.

There was no need to make the usual announcement regarding the recording of the Meeting.

PR/24/18 Apologies:
Councillor Jane Brook.

PR/25/18 Declarations of interest:
Cllr. Sally Pollitt declared her interest as a Member if the Executive Management Committee of Cuffley Hall.

PR/26/18 Proposal or Co-Option to the Committee:
Cllr. Sally Pollitt proposed that Cllr. Andrea Allgood should be co-opted to the Committee. Seconded by Cllr. Jim Sharkey. Resolved that Cllr. Allgood be co-option as a Member of the Policy & Resources Committee with immediate effect.

PR/27/18 Minutes of previous meetings:
The Clerk’s Minutes of the meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee held on 15th May 2018, which had been deferred from the Meeting of the Committee on 10th July 2018, were agreed as a correct record of the Meeting.

PR/28/18 Minutes of last meeting of the Committee:
The Minutes of the meeting of the Committee on 10th July 2018, previously circulated, were agreed as a correct record of the meeting.

PR/29/18 Actions arising from the Minutes:
It was noted that the Training for the Parish Review work was still to be arranged; a half day re HR and a half day re Health & Safety.

PR/30/18 DBS/RBS checks for all Parish Councillors:
The Committee agreed to: Recommend to full Council that the Clerk arranges for DBS checks on all Members of the Council. The Clerk was asked to check with HAPTC what other Parish Councils do.

PR/31/18 Buses and Travel Questionnaire:
In the absence of Cllr. Jane Brook, this item was deferred. The Clerk confirmed that Cllr. Brook’s proposed questionnaire was programmed to appear in the October edition of the Parish Update Magazine. The Committee noted that the final version should be agreed before publication.

PR/32/18 Transparency Codes 2014 and 2015:
Cllr. Allgood proposed that the Parish Council should espier to the highest possible standards, and that “the Parish Council should be fully compliant with the Transparency Codes”. Cllr. Allgood referred to areas where the Parish Council is not currently compliant, such as not publishing a staff organisation chart; not publishing staff pay information, such as the ratios of staff pay; not publishing full information on the Parking Accounts; and details of all Land and Buildings held by the Council.
Resolved: that the Parish Council should be fully compliant with the Transparency Codes by the end of November 2018.

PR/33/18 Condition report on Major Assets:
The Clerk advised that a firm of professional valuers and surveyors would need to be employed if the Council wished to have a condition report and valuation of all Council Land and Buildings. The Clerk confirmed that most of the Councils major assets consist of Land, namely, the KGV Playing fields, Home Wood, Peters Wood, Northaw Pond, Northaw Playing Fields, and the two Car Parks. The Buildings consist of Cuffley Hall, the Charles John Pavilion (Football), the Council Office & Garage (Leasehold), and the Youth Centre (Leasehold).
The Clerk had already obtained quotations for an external condition survey of Cuffley Hall, and was asked to obtain a quotation for a valuation of the Hall also. The Clerk was asked to proceed with obtaining the external survey and a programme of future maintenance required for the Hall, using the Company which has provided the lowest quotation.

PR/34/18 The Parish Council Asset Register:
The Clerk circulated the latest version of the Parish Council Asset Register. This was basically the version accepted by the Internal Audit for 2017-18 in May 208, and submitted for the External Audit in June 2018, with a number of additions of Assets not included in recent years, such as Cuffley Hall, the Car Parks, and leasehold Assets such as the Youth Centre. The Clerk had also added a UPR number for each asset recorded, a column for “date last inspected” to be recorded.
The Clerk reported that In the past an Insurance Value had been used for many assets, but this was identified as unacceptable by the annual audit several years ago, the correct practice being to record the original cost, or if not known, the most recent know value. The Insurance value could be used as a proxy if more appropriate figures could not be obtained.
The current Register was to some degree a work in progress as values were not know for some of the older Assets more recently added, such as Cuffley Hall. The Committee requested that the Clerk should produce a fully costed Asset Register by the end of October 2018.

PR/35/18 Budget for the William Leefe Robinson Commemoration on 31st December 2018:
Resolved: that a budget of £300= should be allocated for the costs of the WLF Commemoration being organised by Cllr. Dace for New Year’s Eve 2018.

PR/36/18 Condition Reports on KGV Exercise Equipment & Signs, and Northaw Playgrounds:
The Clerk had previously circulated the full Condition Reports on the Council’s Playgrounds and Exercise Equipment. The Clerk reported that all items with any significant risks identified had now been dealt with, and only low risk items remained to be considered. One issue to be kept under review was the standard of the safety surfaces in the Playgrounds, particularly Northaw Playground and this should be monitored and included as a replacement project in the Medium Term Plan (3 year Plan) to be produced later in the year.
The Clerk was asked to obtain a certificate of similar from the Contractors who installed the new equipment at KGV, stating the standards it is compliant with in the same way that standards are set out in the RoSPA Reports circulated by the Clerk.

PR/37/18 Recommendation for improving Server and Data Back-ups:
The Clerk reported on the background, systems, and current issues in terms of improving the provision for off-site back-up of Council key electronically recorded files and data.
The Committee agreed that the Clerk should obtain firm quotes for secure Cloud Back-up of data. The data would be held in the UK or Europe in accordance with required standards for secure storage of Government Data.
The Committee agreed that the Clerk should clear all files and data for which there are no reasons for its retention for Council purposes, and all staff should “clean-up” their data and files held on Computers and the server.

PR/38/18 Revenue Monitor and Balance Sheet:
The Clerk presented the full format Revenue Monitor for the first 4 months of the year and the Balance Sheet as at 31st July 2018, which had been previously circulated, and described the significant variations of income and expenditure from budget. This now included lines for all individual codes as had been requested by Members, and ran to several A3 pages.It was noted that a number of the variance figures included for the first quarter were arithmetically incorrect and had been corrupted as part of the conversion from Sage to the spreadsheet format for the monitor. The sheets were also quite difficult to read on laptops and other devices due to the amount of data included. The key variance was a reduction of income compared with budget for the year to date due the significant reduction of income on Sopers Road Car Park because of reduced use and an increase in the numbers of users not paying for a ticket. Expenditure overall was below the budget for the year to date. The Clerk would identify the corrections required and improve the presentation of the data ready for the full Council Meeting.

PR/39/18 Herring Bone Parking in Maynard Place:
Cllr. Mike Clark reported on the drawbacks and risk from the proposed introduction of what is described as “Herring Bone Parking” to replace the current 90 degree parking in Maynard Place. Cllr. Clark proposed that 90 degree parking should be retained, but larger spaces should be provided between parking places in order to allow adequate spaces for cars to turn in and out. The Clerk confirmed that there was still time to register objections with the Borough Council or Highways, who are yet to approve the Borough Council proposals, and there must also be public consultation be for introduction of a new scheme. There would also be official Disabled parking places included. The current spaces marked as Disabled in Maynard Place are not actually for Disabled Parking but intended to provide for the turning of vehicles, particularly those that cannot enter the Parish Council Car Park.

PR/40/18 Appointment of Internal Auditor:
The Clerk had circulated details of alternative Internal Audit Services for Parish Councils, including the offer from the current Internal Auditors used by the Council for several years, IAC Ltd.
Recommended: that the Council should change from the current Internal Audit Company as this company had been used for over 3 year now.
The Clerk should obtain firm quotations from the alternate companies contacted.

PR/41/18 Change of title for Planning Applications Committee:
Recommended: that the name of the current Planning Applications Committee should be changed to “Planning and Licensing Committee.

PR/42/18 Proposals for an Investment Strategy and Medium Term Financial Plan:
This item was deferred as the Medium Term Plan would be considered in later in the year.

PR/43/18 Parish Council Telephone Kiosk at Northaw:
The Clerk reported on the current very poor condition of the Council Telephone Box, which is “listed”. The Committee agreed that it was important to preserve the box in good condition. The Clerk would bring costs for repairs and refurbishment to the next meeting of the Committee.

PR/44/18 Outstanding Debt Report:
The Clerk reported that this included only Village Debts as outstanding beyond the normal period for settlement. The report was accepted.

PR/45/18 Neighbourhood Plan:
The Chairman gave a brief update on the planned meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan and current meetings to prepare a response to the WelHat Green Belt Study Stage 3 – Final Report.
Resolved: to accept the quotation for £7,850= from Troy Planning for preparation of the Parish Council response to the Green Belt Study Final Report.

PR/46/18 Report of the Health 7 Safety Group:
Cllr. Allgood reported that there was one outstanding Risk Assessment to be carried out for the Public Walks which are being organised by Council’s Lead Footpath Warden, and a need to work through the new Employees Handbook.

PR/47/18 Cost and Income from the operation of Car Parks:
The Committee agreed that the full details of costs and income from Car Parks should be made fully transparent to the Public by the end of November 2018.

PR/48/18 Introduction of new Pay-by-Phone system for Sopers Road Car Park:
The Clerk reported that he would now be giving notice to terminate the contract with Whoosh, and the Council would be moving to using the better known “Ringo” system for pay-by-phone, as used by the Borough Council, before the end of September 2018

PR/49/18 Update on the 125 Years Commemoration of the Council:
Cllr. Allgood reported that she would be meeting with Cllr. Allgood to discuss taking this forward.

PR/50/18 Outstanding Works and Projects:
The Clerk had circulated a report before the meeting and handed out hard copies for Members, then very briefly commented on just the main projects being progressed.

PR/51/18 Parish Council Full Inventory of Equipment etc.:
The Clerk reported that this project is “work-in-progress” and handed out a copy of the current Inventory in spreadsheet format. Due to the shortage of time Members agreed to defer comments.

PR/52/18 Questions from the Public:
There were no Members of the Public present.

PR/53/18 Exclusion of the Press & Public:
This was not required.

PR/54/18 Update on the Maynard Place Development and Parish Council Land:
The Clerk and Chairman provided a brief update on the current position.

PR/55/18 Items accepted as urgent by the Clerk: Re KGV new Playground:
A. Planting. Resolved: a budget of £600= is provided.
B. CCTV. 3 quotes obtained; a further quote including monitoring awaited.

PR/56/18 Close of Meeting:

As there was no other business, the Chairman closed the Meeting at
5-35 p.m.