Present        Councillor Bob Stubbs (Chairman) Councillor Andrea Allgood Councillor Mike Clark

Councillor Eric Wilcox Councillor Peter Dace Councillor Sally Pollitt Councillor Jane Brook

Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock

6 Members of the Public, & Sgt Matt O’Neil.


The Chairman asked if any Member of the public wished to record the Meeting, and one person indicated that they wished to record the meeting. The members of the public were made aware of the rules for Recording or Filming Meetings, as agreed by the Council.

Under Agenda Item 12, 10 minutes is allowed for questions from the public, with each questioner being allowed up to 3 minutes. The questioner is not entitled to an immediate response.

138/16      Apologies:

Apologies were received from Vice Chairman Christine Burrows.

139/16      Declarations of interest:

There were none.

140/16      Minutes of the Council Meeting on 24th November 2015:

Members agreed that the Clerk’s Minutes of the Council Meeting on

24th November 2015, which had been circulated in advance of the

Summons for this Meeting, were a correct record of the Meeting.

141/16      Update by the Local Police:

Sgt Matt O’Neil gave a brief report, and answered questions from

Members of the Council, and the Public who were present.

142/16      Review of the PCSO Service:

The Chairman presented a report previously circulated as Agenda Item 5. Sgt O’Neil commented on the report and answered queries from Councillors. The majority of Members were not ready to make a decision regarding ending the funding for a PCSO, and agreed to defer a decision in order to allow further discussion with a senior officer

and time for any improvements in services to be made. It was noted

that the Council had been in a similar position in the previous year, and the year before that. It was also agreed that a report should be brought to the next meeting of the P&R Committee in March 2016.

143/16       Reports of Committees and Working Parties: Planning Applications Committee:

The Chairman reported that twenty one applications had been dealt with since the last meeting of the full Council in November 2015. A notification under permitted agricultural development rights regarding a large barn on Nyn Manor land had been withdrawn.

Policy & Resources Committee:

The Chairman gave a full report on the items dealt with at the Meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on 12th January 2016, as listed on the Agenda, including the recommendation that, if the Land Improvements proposed housing development at Greenfields goes ahead, then the Spinal Road should be named Leefe Robinson Way.

Cllr Sally Pollitt reported the latest position regarding the planned Village Day on 3rd September 2016, there were now 22 organisations interested in taking part, and Cllr Peter Dace reported on the William Leefe Robinson commemoration, also on 3rd September 2016, this being the Centenary of the Shultz Lutz Airship being shot down by Capt. W L Robinson.

The Clerk reported on the current position regarding the risk assessment of Trees, the recent Bat Survey, & planned Tree Works; and the decision regarding the External Audit of Accounts.

The Chairman also reported on the new system of Grants to Local Organisations, the competition to design a front cover for the Neighbourhood Plan, and the position regarding the Trustees & Management of Northaw & Cuffley Youth & Community Centre, their Lease & Constitution. The P&R Committee had authorised the Clerk & Chairman to take whatever action was required, including termination of the lease if necessary.

Personnel & Urgency Committee:

There had been no meetings of the Committee.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:

There had been no meetings of the Working Party. The Neighbourhood

Plan was the next item on the Agenda

144/16      The Neighbourhood Plan:

The Chairman presented a report previously circulated as Agenda

Item 7. The draft Plan had now been circulated on a confidential basis to all Councillors, SCANGB, and the Residents Association for observations. It was noted that the Neighbourhood Plan will most likely be the most significant document ever published by the Parish Council. The report set out the key activities required to fulfil the Council’s obligations in relation to consultation. Before the Plan can

be adopted it must be subject to a local referendum and the simple majority of those voting must support the Plan. The referendum will

probably take place in late Summer. It is anticipated that once the

Plan is in the Public Domain, that all Councillors will support it.

145/16      Outside Committee Reports:

Verbal reports were received from Cllr Dace (Cuffley Hall), Cllr Stubbs (Kidston Institute), Cllr Wilcox (Northaw Hall), and there had been no meetings of the Welwyn Hatfield Association of Local Councils.

146/16      Budget & Precept 2016-17:

The Clerk presented a report previously circulated along with appendices as Agenda Item 9, which detailed proposed growth and savings for the next financial year, 2016-17. Possible Growth totalled

£114,000=, and total expenditure some £400,000=. If the Precept was

increased by just 2%, or £3,810= to £194,330=, then a contribution from balances of £108,460= would be required. The detail of growth

items could be considered again at the March Council Meeting, but the Precept increase must be agreed now in order for the Clerk to issue the Precept on the Borough by the end of January. The Council agreed a 2% increase in the Precept to £194,330 for 2016-17.

147/16      Annual Parish Meeting:

The Chairman confirmed that the 2016 Annual Parish Meeting would take place on the evening of Friday 22nd April in Cuffley Hall, and listed some of the topics to be covered including the Neighbourhood Plan, the Grants System for Local Organisations, the Planning System, and, the Leefe Robinson Commemoration.

148/16      Urgent Business:

There was none.

149/16      Questions from the Public:

The Chairman invited questions from the public, and three Member so the Public, Lister Newcomb, Colin Man, and Brent Cheetham, asked questions or made comments. The Chairman and the Clerk responded to all questions.

150/16      Close of Meeting:

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 8-55 p.m.




Signed………………………………………. Date…………………………………………….






Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock ABCC (Dip) BSc (Hons) CPFA Email: