Councillor Sally Pollitt – Chairman
Councillor Mike Clark
Councillor Jane Brook
Councillor Caroline Saunders
Councillor Jim Sharkey
Councillor Peter Dace (Part).
Councillor Andrea Allgood.
Councillor Eric Wilcox.
Deputy Clerk – Carol Branigan

4 Members of the Public

The meeting started 3 minutes late due to the Clerk being taken ill.

The Chairman made the normal announcement regarding the recording of the Meeting.

1/18            Election of Chairman

Councillor Andrea Allgood proposed Councillor Sally Pollitt for the role of Chairman, seconded by Councillor Mike Clark, which was carried unanimously.

2/18           Declaration of acceptance of office.

Councillor Sally Pollitt declared her acceptance of the Office of Chairman of the Parish Council.

3/18           Election of Vice Chairman

Councillor Sally Pollitt proposed Councillor Mike Clark, seconded by Councillor Andrea Allgood, which was carried unanimously.

4/18           Appointment of Committees

All existing representatives agreed to continue with their current responsibilities. Councillor Jim Sharkey and Councillor Caroline Saunders to join Planning Committee and Policy & Resources along.

5/18           Review of Standing Orders and amendments to Financial Regulation.

 The changes recommended at the previous Policy & Resources committee for the Revised Financial Regulations were approved along with the new Standing Orders.

Some members of the public had mentioned that navigating on the Council website was frustrating as certain documents were hard to find.  It was agreed that the new Standing Orders and Financial Regulations were to be uploaded and the Clerk to discuss with Mark Wingrove, the web designer, how to ensure any documents would be easy to find.

The recent survey of all the public benches in the two villages were to be added to the asset register along with the new Leefe Robinson memorial in the Millenium Gardens.

Any previous Inventory was to be updated as it was noted that the office had accumulated various items that were not listed.

6/18           Appointment of Council Representatives on Outside Bodies

Kidston Institute                        Councillor Peter Dace and Councillor Sally Pollitt
Cuffley Hall                               Councillor Sally Pollitt
Northaw Village Hall                  Councillor Eric Wilcox
Welwyn Hatfield Assoc.
Of Local Councils                       Councillor Sally Pollitt and the Clerk

The first part of the meeting closed at 7.55pm


7/18           Apologies:

Apologies from the Clerk and Councillor Peter Dace. Borough Councillors George Michalaides & Simon Wrenn, PCSO Deborah Rogers

8/18           Declaration of Interests:

There were none.

9/18           Welcome to new Councillors:

The Chairman welcomed our new Councillors, Caroline Saunders and James (Jim) Sharkey.

10/18                   Minutes of previous Meetings

The minutes of the Parish Council meeting of the 15th March 2018 were agreed and signed.

11/18         Matters arising from the Minutes.

There were no matters arising.

12/18         Update from the Local Police

The Deputy Clerk read a report from the PCSO which included the ongoing parking problems outside Cuffley School. The PCSO is to prioritise her patrols for school times. Borough Councillor Bernard Sarson said he was aware of a School Safety Officer meeting and we will follow up on this.

13/18         Approval of the Meeting times for Committees

It was agreed that Planning Meetings would continue to take place at 3pm and Policy & Resources would start at the new time of 7.30pm. As a result of day time working commitments Councillor Caroline Saunders withdrew from the Planning Committee and Councillor Mike Clark stressed he may struggle to attend regular Policy & Resources evening meetings.

14/18                   Approval of the General Data Protection Policy

This was accepted by all which will now be placed on the website.  Some further work will now follow on from the Policy.

15/18         Acceptance of the Report of the Internal Auditor

The areas of concern were noted and the report was accepted.

16/18         Acceptance of the Register of Assets at 31st March 2018

The number of benches was questioned and will need following up and so that any beyond repair are removed from the register.  The report was accepted otherwise it was also highlighted that it had been agreed that an inventory of lower cost items would be produced and continually updated.

17/18         Approval of the Annual Governance Report 2017-18

This was accepted by all.

18/18         Approval of the Annual Return for the Financial Year 2017-18

This was accepted by all.

19/18         Reports from Committees and Working Parties

Planning Applications

Cllr. Allgood explained that the Committee would be monitoring the events taking place at Colesdale Farm throughout the summer months with regard to noise disturbance and would be asking Borough Councillor Stephen Boulton for his comments.

Policy & Resources

The Chairman reported on the Parish Review – new Employee Handbook that had been drafted and for all staff and members to feedback comments by mid-June in order for discussion at the July Policy & Resources meeting.

She also provided an update on the progression of Village Day and explained how the new Footpath Map, which was part of the 125 year Commemoration, had now been brought forward in order to be distributed alongside the Village Day programs.

Due to the upcoming meeting with Borough Councillor Stephen Boulton, re the cutting of services of the 242 Bus Service, the Chairman asked Cllr. Allgood to post something on the NCRA members email in order to obtain views.

Personnel & Urgency

The Chairman reported on the new KGV playground; the Staff Salaries increment and proposals for Staff Appraisals.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

The Chairman provided an update on the current situation and informed all how a grant is available from AECOM up to the value of £9000 to help towards the Plan. It was suggested that new members should be invited to join the group and to arrange another meeting during the summer.  It was stressed that due to the new Data Protection rules, a form should be sent to any potential members which covers our GDPR policy.


Councillor Brook updated the Council on the progress of the new Playground.

20/18         Outside Committee Reports

Cuffley Hall Management Committee

The Chairman reported that the Hall is doing fine with regular bookings.

Kidston Institute

The Chairman explained how the Institute’s membership will include expansion with the facilities at Queenswood School.

Northaw Village Hall

Councillor Eric Wilcox reported that all is ok with the Hall.

20/18         Question Time

A member of the public asked about the current situation with the Community Centre and the Leonard Cheshire group. They also wanted to know if the Council were going to continue with the Peters Wood Walks.

The Chairman explained the set up with the new group called Cuffley Day Centre at the Community Centre and also reported that due to our Health & Safety policy we are unable to provide escorted walks through Peters Wood.

21/18         Other Business

There was none.

22/18         Exclusion of the Press & Public.

The standard resolution was passed to exclude the Public from the remainder of the Meeting.

23/18         Close of Meeting:

As there was no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 9.30pm.           .

Signed………………………………………………..    Date…………………………………………….

Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock ABCC (Dip) BSc (Hons) CPFA CiLCA


You may download the formatted Clerk’s Minutes by following this link: Minutes of Annual Council Meeting and the Business Meeting 24th May 2018