Present      Councillor Bob Stubbs (Chairman)

Councillor Christine Burrows (Vice Chairman) Councillor Andrea Allgood

Councillor Mike Clark Councillor Eric Wilcox Councillor Peter Dace Councillor Sally Pollitt Councillor Jane Brook

Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock

8 Members of the Public, & PCSO Sarah Legrove.


The Chairman asked if any Member of the public wished to record the Meeting, and one person indicated that they wished to record the meeting. The members of the public were made aware of the rules for Recording or Filming Meetings, as agreed by the Council.

Under Agenda Item 17, 10 minutes is allowed for questions from the public, with each questioner being allowed up to 3 minutes. The questioner is not entitled to an immediate response.

151/16      Apologies:   There were none.

152/16      Declarations of interest:  There were none.

153/16      Minutes of the Council Meeting on 28th January 2016:

Members agreed that the Clerk’s Minutes of the Council Meeting on

28th January 2016, which had been circulated in advance of the

Summons for this Meeting, were a correct record of the Meeting.

154/16      Update by the Local Police:

PCSO Sarah Legrove gave a brief report, including figures for the annual reductions in recorded anti-social activity since 2011, and also

answered questions from Members of the Council, and the Public who were present.

155/16      Annual Parish Meeting:

The Chairman reported the topics and speakers for the forthcoming

Annual Parish in Cuffley Hall.

156/16      Reports of Committees and Working Parties: Planning Applications Committee:

Councillor Burrows reported that twenty-two applications had been dealt with since the last meeting of the full Council in January 2016.

Policy & Resources Committee:

The Chairman gave a full report on the items dealt with at the Meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on Tuesday 8th March 2016, as listed on the Agenda.

Personnel & Urgency Committee:

There had been no meetings of the Committee since the last full

Council Meeting, but a meeting was now planned for 5th April 2016.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:

There had been no meetings of the Working Group.

157/16      The Neighbourhood Plan:

The Chairman reported that the draft Plan had recently been shared with Sue Tiley, the Borough Council Planning Development Officer, and our two Borough Councillors. There had been no substantive comments. Formal consultations are planned to start in July 2016.

158/16      Village Day 2016:

Under Agenda Item 8, Councillor Sally Clerk gave an update on progress in preparations for the Village Day on 3rd September 2016.

Over 30 organisations would now be involved on the day, and a programme booklet was now being prepared, with sponsorship planned to support the costs.

159/16      William Leefe Robinson Commemoration:

Under Agenda Item 9, Councillor Dace provided an update on preparations for the Commemoration Day on 3rd September 2016, including two separate flypast events on the day. Cllr Dace would be also be reporting on the event at the forthcoming Annual Parish Meeting.

160/16      Outside Committee Reports:

Verbal reports were received from Cllr Dace (Cuffley Hall), and Cllr Wilcox (Northaw Hall), and there had been no meetings of the Kidston Institute or the Welwyn Hatfield Association of Local Councils since the last full Meeting of the Council. A meeting of WHALC was now planned for the evening of 31st March 2016, and the Clerk & Chairman would be attending.

161/16      Council New Website:

The Chairman reported on progress and the setting up of a Working Party, which Cllr Allgood had agreed to Chair. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Cllr Clark, and the Clerk would also be members of the Working Group.

162/16      Update on current Projects and Works:

The Clerk presented a report previously circulated as Agenda Item 12. The report was accepted.

163/16      Application for Scaffolding Licence in Maynard Place:

The Chairman outlined the background and issues relating to an application to the Clerk for a Scaffolding Licence required by a local Developer, to enable 5 flats and a shop to be built directly adjacent to the Council’s Parking Space in Maynard Place. The Parish Council had objected to the original Planning Application, but the Borough Council had approved the application. The Council resolved unanimously that it would not enter negotiations with the developer unless and until there is more clarity in relation to various legal objections that third parties have to the development.

164/16      Council Meeting for 2016-17:

The Clerk explained the options for full Council Meeting for the year ahead, and Members agreed to continue meeting on Thursday evenings in the Undercroft at St Andrews Church, Cuffley.

165/16      Review of Internal Controls and Management of Risks:

The Clerk presented a report previously circulated as Agenda Item 15, which described the various ways in which Internal Controls operated and how risks were managed. The Council agreed the report and the processes detailed in the report.

166/16      Urgent Business:

There was none.

167/16      Questions from the Public:

The Chairman invited questions from the public. Questions were asked regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and grills on shop fronts, where the Chairman confirmed that existing grills would remain and future grills would need to be internal; and parking issues near Cuffley School, where the Chairman stated that solutions would be explored with the Borough Council. The Clerk asked a question on behalf of Northaw Resident James Barclay, requesting Horse Riders Warning Signs on the roads entering Northaw. This was supported by the Council, and he Clerk was asked to write to County Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop to request the provision of the signs. Cllr Peter Dace commended the Clerk on the excellence of the Easter Edition of the Council’s Update Magazine, and for his work in progressively improving the quality and content of the magazine.

168/16      Close of Meeting:

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at 9-00 p.m.

















Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock ABCC (Dip) BSc (Hons) CPFA Email: