Present       Christine Burrows (Vice Chairman)
Councillor Eric Wilcox
Councillor Peter Dace
Councillor Jane Brook
Councillor Andrea Allgood.
Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock
2 Members of the Public.

Ward Councillor Bernard Sarson.

The Vice Chairman took the Chair and asked if any Member of the public wished to record the Meeting. One person indicated that they wished to record the meeting. The member of the public was made aware of the rules for Recording or Filming Meetings, as agreed by the Council.

96/16        Apologies:  

Apologies were accepted from Charles Walker MP; County Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop; Ward Councillor Irene Dean; Parish Councillors Bob Stubbs; Mike Clark; and Sally Pollitt.

97/16        Declarations of interest:

There were none.

98/16        Minutes of the Council Meeting on 24th November 2016:

Members agreed the Clerk’s Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 19th January 2017, which had been circulated in advance of the Summons for this Meeting. There were no matters raised in relation to the minutes of the last meeting.

99/16        Update by the Local Police:

The PCSO was not present as he was currently on sick leave, but the Clerk read out a report which had been E-mailed to him earlier in the day by the local Sergeant. This report dealt almost entirely with Parking Issues, particularly in Northaw.

100/16      The Annual Parish Meeting:

The Clerk reported that the Annual Parish Meeting for 2017 would take place in Cuffley Hall on the evening of Friday 28th April. For the first time this would be a joint meeting with the Northaw & Cuffley Residents Association AGM being held during the first part of the evening. Doors and Bar would open from 7-00 p.m. The Residents Association AGM would start at about 7-30 p.m. followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at approximately 8-00 p.m. with the usual variety of speakers and topics during the evening. More details would be available in the Council’s Easter Update Magazine, which would be delivered to all residents during the week leading up to Good Friday, 14th April.

101/16      Reports of Committees and Working Parties:

Planning Applications Committee:

Councillor Burrows reported in brief on the 23 Planning Applications dealt with since the last Meeting of the full Council. The Barham Court Application (former Turbo Centre Site) for change of use to include Food Outlets, which the Parish Council had objected to, had been rejected by Officers under delegated powers. The Parish Council had made no other objections regarding Planning Applications since the last Council meeting.

Policy & Resources Committee:

The Clerk reported in brief on the on items considered, including Parking Issues, particularly vehicles parking on pavements, where the Clerk had approached other organisations to seek agreement for additional off road parking to help solve the problems caused by Pavement Parking. The Committee had also agreed to continue to part-fund the PCSO for the Parish, but to review the position in 6 months.

Following a report by the Clerk dealing with Parish Council Car Park Charges, the Committee had resolved that, following consultation with the Chairman, the Clerk should bring forward a report with proposals for changes to the next Meeting of the Committee in May 2017.

The Committee had also received a report from Councillor Pollitt on the 2017 Village Day, and in the absence of Councillor Pollitt the Clerk presented further information regarding the Village Day including the proposed charges for advertising in the programmes, charges for Event Stalls, and the sponsorship of various events on the day. Resolved: that the Council agrees the list of charges proposed relating to the 2017 Village Day as set out in the list attached to these minutes.

The Clerks report also covered the relationship of the Council with Northaw Hall; security measures at KGV Playing Fields to help prevent damage to the field by motor cycles; Cattlegate Farm Composter & Digester; a meeting with the Youth Centre regarding parking problems relating to Barham Court; and after exclusion of the Press & Public, the security of cash and risk assessments.

Personnel & Urgency Committee:

There had been no meeting of the Personnel & Urgency Committee since the last meeting of the Council.

Neighbourhood Plan Working Group:

There had been no meeting of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group since the last meeting of the Council.

102/16      Outside Committee Reports:

Cuffley Hall Management Committee

Councillor Pollitt had send a short report to the Clerk for the Meeting. Cuffley Hall held its AGM in March and reported a loss for the year.

A programme of fundraising and new events is being planned, the first of which being a Whist Drive on 6th May. Taking from the Bar had dropped markedly, and so options to increase takings were being considered. The Hall Website is now easier to use and more attractive thanks to the work of Roy Papworth. The Committee will be applying to the Parish Council for a further Grant this year.

Kidston Institute

Cllr. Burrows commented that there had been no meetings for some time.

Northaw Village Hall

There had been no meeting of the Management Committee, but Cllr Wilcox reported the new Central Heating System had been installed, thanks to a grant from the Parish Council. There had been a “curtains cleaning working party”. The Hall Committee Chairman, Simon Jeffrey, and his wife Charlotte, the Bookings Secretary, were both stepping down this year after several years of service to the Hall.

Welwyn Hatfield Association of Local Councils

The Clerk reported that there had been no meetings since the last meeting of the Council. A meeting of Borough, Town and Parish Councils Clerks had been planned for April, but it was understood that this had now been postponed.

103/16     February 2017 Income & Expenditure Monitor Report:

Under Agenda Item 8, the Clerk presented the February Income and Expenditure Monitor Report which had been previously circulated. The position was very similar to the December Budget Monitor Report. There was however now payments of over £15,000= in respect of Council Grants to local organisation, and some £10,700= in respect of the Neighbourhood Plan & Local Plan activity. There had been no Major Projects expenditure, and there had been no calls on the Contingency. Although over £100,000= of surplus was expected, it should be noted that we are planning to take more than this sum out of balances in the next financial year.

The Clerks Report on the February Monitor was accepted by the Council.

104/16      Urgent Business:

There was no urgent business.

105/16      Question Time:

There was one question from the public relating to “why the local Police & PCSO are anti-issuing penalty notices.” It was noted in this context that more “Yellow Lines” were expected in Cuffley in the near future.

106/16      Exclusion of the Press and Public:

In accordance with the statutory requirements, the Council passed a resolution to exclude the Public from the remainder of the meeting due to the nature of the item to be considered.

107/16      Parking Issues in Northaw:

The Clerk summaries private correspondence and discussions relating to parking issues in Northaw. Councillor Sarson undertook to speak with the relevant WelHat Officer to assist with a satisfactory outcome.

108/16      Close of Meeting:

As there was no further business, the Vice Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at approximately 8-55 p.m.




Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock ABCC (Dip) BSc (Hons) CPFA


A PDF version of the Clerk’s minutes can be downloaded from here.