Present       Councillor Bob Stubbs, Councillor Christine Burrows, Councillor Mike Clark, Councillor Jane Brook, Councillor Andrea Allgood.

Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock

4 Members of the Public.

Ward Councillors Irene Dene and Bernard Sarson.

The retiring Chairman took the Chair and asked if any Member of the public wished to record the Meeting. One person indicated that they wished to record the meeting. The member of the public was made aware of the rules for Recording or Filming Meetings, as agreed by the Council.

1/17           Election of Chairman for the year:

Cllr. Sally Pollitt was proposed by Cllr. Brooks and seconded by Cllr. Stubbs. On a show of hands Cllr. Pollitt was elected unanimously. Resolved: Cllr. Sally Pollitt is appointed as Chairman for the Council year 2017-18.

2/17           Declaration of Chairman’s acceptance of Office:

As Cllr. Pollitt was not present, the retiring Chairman, Cllr. Stubbs remained in the Chair, and the declaration of acceptance of office by the new Chairman would be made at the next full Council Meeting.

3/17           Election of Vice Chairman for the year:

Cllr. Bob Stubbs was proposed by the retiring Vice Chairman, Cllr. Christine Burrows, and seconded by Cllr. Mike Clark. On a show of hands Cllr. Stubbs was elected Vice Chairman.

Resolved: Councillor Bob Stubbs is elected Vice Chairman for the Council Year 2017-18.

4/17           Appointment of Committees, Membership, Terms of Reference & Delegations:

There were no proposals to change the current organisation of Committees; their Terms of Reference; or delegations.

Cllr. Peter Dace had notified that he wished to stand down as a Member of Policy & Resources Committee. Cllr. Brook volunteered and, on a show of hands, was agreed as a new Member of Policy & Resources Committee. The other existing Members of the P&R Committee were agreed to serve for the new Council Year. Resolved: the Members of the Policy & Resources Committee will be Cllr. Pollitt, Cllr. Stubbs, Cllr. Clark, Cllr. Burrows, and Cllr. Brook.

The Clerk confirmed that the Personnel & Urgency Committee is formed by the Chairman, the immediate past Chairman, and the Vice Chairman. As Cllr. Stubbs qualifies on two grounds, a vacancy existed. Cllr. Stubbs proposed Cllr. Allgood, and this was seconded by Cllr. Clark, and agreed on a show of hands.

Resolved: The Personnel & Urgency Committee Members for the new Council Year are Cllr. Pollitt (Chair of Committee), Cllr. Stubbs, and Cllr. Allgood.

5/17           Review of Standing Orders; Financial Regulation; Land and Buildings & Equipment; Insurance Cover, and other Policies & Procedures:

The Clerk confirmed that the Financial Regulations had been reviewed since the last Annual Council Meeting, and additional Appendices had been added to the Standing Orders, and there were no proposals for and further changes to these or other Policies & Procedures. There had been no additions or disposals of Land, Buildings, or major Equipment during the Council Year just ended. Quotations had been invited for the Council’s Insurance cover. Resolved: That the report of the Clerk was accepted, and no changes were currently required to Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. The Council agreed the current Standing Orders and the current Financial Regulations.

6/17           Appointment of Representatives on Outside Bodies:

Members agreed that the existing representation on all Outside Bodies would continue as listed on the Summons and Agenda for the Annual Meeting, with the exception of the Welwyn Hatfield Association of Local Councils, where the Membership is required to be the Chairman of the Council and the Clerk to the Council. Cllr. Pollitt would therefore replace Cllr. Stubbs.

7/17           There being no other statutory business, the Annual Parish Council Meeting was close.


(The items were not considered in the order of the Agenda.)

8/17           Apologies:

Apologies were reported by the Clerk and accepted from Cllrs. Sally Pollitt, Peter Dace, and Eric Wilcox. Apologies had also been received from Charles Walker, Ward Councillor Michaelides, and newly elected County Councillor Stephen Boulton.

9/17           Declaration of Interests:

There were none.

10/17        Minutes of the Council Meeting on 23rd March 2017:

The Council accepted the Clerk’s Minutes of the Council Meeting on 23rd March, which had been circulated before the summons for the current meeting, as a correct record.

11/17        Update from the Local Police:

The Clerk reported that the recently appointed replacement PCSO, Katie Wilkinson, was not able to attend the meeting, but had sent a crimes report to the Clerk, which the Vice Chairman read to the meeting.

The Clerk confirmed that the new PCSO had been regularly visiting the Cuffley School at starting and leaving times to monitor the parking issues at these times. Attention had also been paid to the know areas where obstructive parking on footways regularly occurred.

The PCSO had observed vehicles travelling at excessive speed when descending Plough Hill in Cuffley, and was recommending measures to prevent this occurrence if possible.

The Clerk had received further complaints from residents, and riders attending Northaw Riding School, regarding drivers travelling too close to horses & riders on the main road through Northaw, including one incident of a car being driven deliberately at a horse and rider. The Local Police supported the provision of “warning horse riders” signs, and previous requests had been made for such signs, supported by County Councillor Mark Mills-Bishop. It was thought that signs had been promised in the past, but not appear to have been provided where suggested on the roads into Northaw.

                   The Clerk was asked to write to the new County Councillor for the area, Cllr. Stephen Boulton to seek support and action by the County Council Highways Department.

12/17        Review of the SLA for PCSO Services:

The Clerk reported that there was no current agreed SLA for the services of a Council Part Funded Local PCSO. The Council agreed that the Clerk should write to the Local Police to request a more specific SLA than the rather general or generic SLA’s provided in the past. The Council required performance measures such as the daily attendance at Cuffley School during starting and leaving times (when on duty; daily visits to the known sites where obstruction of footways occurred; and more details of attendance and actions taken, etc.

13/17        Review of Car park Charges:

The Council considered the recommendations of the Policy & Resources Committee, and Resolved:

a.     That only one free Parking Permit for Maynard Place Car Park should be issued each to Cuffley Library and Cuffley Hall Staff. The only other free permits would be for Parish Council Staff and Members for use on Council Business only.

b.   That the current Maynard Car Place charge of £195= per quarter for Doctors (inc. VAT) be increased to £225= per quarter (inc. VAT), and be applied for Clinic Staff.

c.  That the Maynard Place Car Park charge for parking for more than 4 hours should increase from £5= to £10= including VAT.

d.  That the current parking fees for Sopers Road Car Park should not change at the current time, but kept under review.

e.  All new charges to be introduced from 1st July or as soon as practical.

14/17                  Procedure transfer of Land at KGV:

Cllr. Stubbs reported on the current issues regarding the planned transfer of Land adjoining KGV to the Parish Council, including the need for the Council to be able to rent out the land for agricultural use until required for development by the Parish Council; the right for the Parish Council to be entitled to compensation for loss of income if there is a need to install utilities by the adjoining land owner or developer; the right to provide buildings which are ancillary to the provision of a 3G pitch; and the need for the Parish Council to have sight of the S.106 agreement.

The Council Resolved: that there was no need to engage Lawyers of Surveyors to support the transfer of the land to the Parish Council.

15/17        Wood Green Timber Planning Application:

Cllr. Burrows outlined the current position regarding the building of racking by Wood Green Timber which had already taken place.

A member of the Public in the audience was invited to speak and her comments were noted.

The Parish Council would maintain its objection to this construction. There was uncertainty regarding when this would be considered by the Borough Council Planning Development Committee, and the Clerk was asked to establish the date when this item would be considered by the Borough Council. Resolved: that the Council objects to the Planning Application by Wood Green Timber.

16/17        Reports from Committees & Working Parties:

Cllr. Burrows reported that 24 Planning Applications had been considered by the Planning Applications Committee since the last full Council Meeting.

Cllr. Stubbs summarised the key items which had been considered by the Policy & Resources Committee since the last full Council Meeting.

There had been no meetings of the Personnel & Urgency Committee, and no meetings of the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group.

17/17        Income & Expenditure Accounts; the final Budget Monitor Report for 2016-17; and the Outturn Report for 2016-17.

The Clerk presented a report previously circulated which included the final Income and Expenditure figures for 2016-17, and the comparison with the budget figures for the year. The level of savings compared with Budget had increased slightly since the report to the last full Council Meeting, and exceeded the planned contribution from balances of £110,000= by approximately £40,000=. Clerk’s report on the outturn position was agreed by the Council.

18/17        Outside Committee Reports:

In the absence of the Cuffley Hall Executive Committee representative, Cllr. Pollitt, the Clerk commented on issues regarding Cuffley Hall, including the Hall Chairman’s proposal for a Drop Kerb to facilitate disabled access to the rear of Cuffley Hall. The Parish Council would fund the cost of the Drop Kerb and the Clerk would consult with the Hall Chairman to arrange the works as appropriate.

                   Cllr. Burrows commented briefly regarding the Kidston Institute.

There was nothing to report regarding Northaw Village Hall.

There had been no meetings of the Welwyn Hatfield Association of Local Councils.

19/17        Council & Committee Meeting Dates for the new Council Year:

The Clerk outlined a paper, previously circulated, setting out the proposed Meeting dates of the full Council and the Policy & Resources Committee for the year ahead. In addition to the planned dates on the paper, as in previous years, there would be a need for an additional Council Meeting during June to agree the Annual Return following the completion of the Internal Audit. Cllr. Pollitt had raised the question of the time of Committee Meetings, and Members agreed that this would be left for Cllr. Pollitt to raise at future Committee Meetings. Clerk’s report on planned meeting dates was agreed.

20/17        Question Time:

Ward Councillor Irene Dene made a statement regarding a planning application for 3 huge barns by AJ Bone on Cucumber Lane, Essendon, which may be for an Anaerobic Digester.

A question was asked regarding the poor attendance at the recent Cuffley Hall Whist Drive. The Clerk confirmed that a profit was made on the event.

A question was also asked regarding the abuse of the Cardboard & Paper Recycling Bin, and the Bottle Bank, in Maynard Place Car Park by local shops and restaurants. The Clerk was asked to write to bring this to the attention of the Borough Council and seek action to deal with the problem. Cllr Sarson advised that the Clerk who to write to. A Member of the Public agreed to write a statement to confirm that a particular local restaurant was putting material in the recycling bin.

In response to a comment Cllr. Sarson agreed to arrange for the air monitoring equipment to be moved from Bradgate to outside Tesco in Station Road.

21/17        Exclusion of the Press and Public:

In accordance with the statutory requirements, the Council passed a resolution to exclude the Public from the remainder of the meeting due to the nature of the items to be considered.

22/17        Planning Applications:

The Council considered two urgent a Planning Applications, relating to 58 Plough Hill, and Cuffley Motors, were further information was required, and these would be followed up with the Borough Council.

23/17        Close of Meeting:

As there was no further business, the Vice Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at approximately 9-05 p.m.

Signed………………………………   Date…………………………………

Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock ABCC (Dip) BSc (Hons) CPFA CiLCA



A PDF version of these minutes is available for download by following this link:  Clerks Minutes for the Annual Council Meeting followed by a Normal Meeting 18-05-17