These minutes were revised and reissued on 19th July 2018



HELD AT 4-00 p.m. ON TUESDAY 15th MAY 2018 AT


Present      Councillor Sally Pollitt (Chairman); Councillors Mike Clark, and Jane Brook. Councillor Andrea Allgood in attendance.

Jason Grocock (Clerk & Proper Officer).

No Members of the Public present.

There was no need to make the usual announcement regarding the recording of the Meeting.

PR/124/17       Apologies:  There were none.

PR/125/17       Declarations of interest:

The Chairman, as a Trustee of Cuffley Hall, declared a non-pecuniary interest in any items related to the Hall.

PR/126/17       Minutes of the last meeting:

The Clerk’s Minutes of the meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee held on 6th March 2018 had been circulated in advance of the meeting, and were agreed as an accurate record of that meeting.

PR/127/17       Parish Review:

The Chairman provided an update on the current position, including the draft for the Employees Handbook, where all comments are expected by mid-June.

A copy of the final Handbook will be provided for all Employees. This will be brought back to the July Committee Meeting.

Members also discussed the Data Protection Policy and agreed that a number of items should be removed from the form proposed for Members to complete in terms of information which may be held.

PR/128/17       Review of Financial Regulations:

The Clerk ran through the changes included in the proposed revised Financial Regulations. This included the alignment of Financial Regulations and Standing Order with the current European Procurement Directive and the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2016, regarding the amount of commitment requiring full Council approval at £25,000=; the reduction of the maximum balance on the Clerk’s Imprest Account from £10,000= to £7,500=; and the inclusion of a regulation regarding the payment of additional hours to staff.

The Committee agreed to recommend the Revised Financial Regulations for the approval of the full Council at the May 2018 Meeting.  

PR/129/17       Review of Standing Orders: 

The Clerk reported that the proposed new Standing Orders were based on the latest Model Standing Orders agreed by the Society of Local Council Clerks and the National Association of Local Council.

The Committee agreed to review the new Standing Orders at the Annual Council Meeting in accordance with normal practice for the annual review of Standing Orders.

PR/130/17       Cuffley Bus Service:

The Clerk was asked to arrange a meeting with County Councillor Stephen Boulton to discuss local concern regarding the recent reductions in Bus Services through Cuffley.

PR/131/17       Review of the Asset Register as at 31st March 2018:

The Clerk presented the copy of the Asset Register as at 31st March 2018, which was being used for the final accounts to be sent to the External Auditors.

The Committee asked the Clerk to include three additional Assets in the next version of the Asset Register; the Cuffley Hall, and the leasehold items: the Youth & Community Centre, and the Northaw Community Orchard.

PR/132/17       The Annual Return 2017-18:

The Clerk presented the recently completed Annual Accounts Return for the Financial Year 2017-18, which ended on 31st March 2018.

The Committee wished to record their thanks for the work of Hilary, Carol, and Jason, in completing the Annual Account and Return over one month earlier than in the previous year.

Concern was expressed that Agenda Items are sent out at different time.

The Committee agreed that there should be a new Rule that all items for a Committee or Council Meeting should be sent out together.

PR/133/17       Report of the Personnel & Urgency Committee:

The Chairman presented a brief report on the items agreed by the Personnel & Urgency Committee, which included the new KGV Playground; the Annual Pay Award of 2% to all staff; Job Descriptions, which had been reviewed by the Consultant; and proposals for Staff Appraisals.

The Clerk commented that the Auditor had recommended again that the Council should use the recognised NJC Pay Scales, but the Committee had agreed not to move to the National Scales at the present time.

PR/134/17       Village Day 2018:

The Chairman provided an update on the preparations for Village Day, and ran through the list of performers & attractions booked.

PR/135/17       Outstanding Debts:

The Clerk presented the normal report on Outstanding Debts. The only real outstanding debt was re Weight Watchers, which the Deputy Clerk would chase again.

PR/136/17       Report of the Health & Safety Group:

Cllr. Allgood reported that the next meeting of the Group would be organised for late May or early June, and this would confirm changed suggested by the Consultant.

PR/137/17       Update on Replacement KGV Playground:

Cllr Brook confirmed that everything had now been agreed and checked, and the Clerk had signed the Official Order and Agreement on behalf of the Council.

As a number of lights in the KGV Car Park near the Tennis Club and Playground were not working, the Committee agreed that there should be a Risk Assessment of the lighting.

The Clerk and Cllr. Sharkey agreed to carry out the assessment at about

10-00 p.m. one evening when it was sufficiently dark for a effective assessment of the risks.

PR/138/17       The Local Plan:

The Chairman outlined the current position re progress by the Borough Council, and Cllr. Allgood agreed to circulate some paperwork which she had found on the Borough Website.

The Committee agreed that another meeting of the wider Neighbourhood Plan Group should be organised during the Summer, and the new Members of the Council should be invited to join the Group.

PR/139/17       Final Monitor Report for 2017-18:

The Clerk provided a brief review of the final budget monitoring report for the financial year 2017-18, which confirmed the levels of underspends and savings which had been projected in previous reports.

PR/140/17       Update on 125 Year Commemorations:

Cllr Allgood reported that the Footpath Map which was to be delivered to all houses in the Parish, was now ready to go to the Printers, and the Clerk would now confirm the order. The Maps needed to be available by mid-June so that they could be delivered along with the Village Day Programmes.

PR/141/17       Outstanding Works & Projects Report:

The Clerk presented the usual report, which had been circulated before the Meeting, in spreadsheet format. Cllr Clerk stated that he would like to meet the Contractor who would be renovating the Northaw War Memorial during the summer. The Clerk would arrange this nearer to the time.

PR/142/17       Questions from the Public:

There were no members of the Public present.

PR/143/17       Exclusion of the Press & Public:

This was not required.

PR/144/17       Update on Maynard Place & Parish Land – Report of the Clerk:

The Clerk provided an update on the current position regarding the trespass on Parish Council Land in Maynard Place. The Clerk and the Chairman would be holding further discussions with the Council’s Solicitor.

PR/145/17       Items accepted as urgent by the Clerk:

                        Proposal for development:

The Clerk reported on a proposal for redevelopment of the Youth & Community Centre, which had been put forward by a local businessman. The Committee considered that this was not something within the gift of the Council to agree in isolation, and there was no desire to take this forward.

Request for new Mowing Machine at KGV:

The Clerk also reported an urgent request from the Cuffley Football Club for the Council to purchase a more appropriate Grass Mower for the Groundsman to operate at KGV. The request was prompted by the poor performance and frequent break-downs of the existing Council Mower.

The Committee decided that there was insufficient information to agree this request.

Committee Meeting Times:

Cllr. Brook wished to raise the issue of changing either the P&R Committee or the Planning Applications Committee to an evening meeting time.

The Committee agreed that the future Meetings of the Policy and Resources Committee should move to 7-30 p.m. start, and the Planning Applications Committee should remain as an afternoon meeting.

Mobile Phone Survey:

Cllr. Brook reported that few people had completed the Mobile Phone Survey, and therefore requested that this the Council should continue collection data. The Committee agreed the request and the Clerk would repeat the item in the Summer Update Magazine.

PR/146/17       Close of Meeting:

As there was no other business, the Chairman closed the Meeting at 7-17 p.m.

You can view online or download these minutes by following this link: Final Minutes of PR Committee 15th May 2018