Councillor Sally Pollitt – Chairman
Councillor Christine Burrows
Councillor Mike Clark
Councillor Jane Brook
Councillor Andrea Allgood.
Councillor Eric Wilcox.
Councillor Peter Dace.

Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock

4 Members of the Public.

The Chairman asked if any Member of the public wished to record the Meeting. No Members of the public wished to record the meeting.

36/17 Apologies:
Apologies were reported by the Clerk and accepted from Cllrs. Bob Stubbs. Apologies had also been received from Charles Walker, Ward Councillors Irene Dean, Bernard Sarson, & George Michaelides, and County Councillor Stephen Boulton.

37/17 Declaration of Interests:
A declaration of none-pecuniary interest was accepted from the Chairman, Cllr. Pollitt, a Trustee of Cuffley Hall, regarding Agenda Item 6.

38/17 Minutes of the Council Meeting on 23rd June 2017:
The Council accepted the Clerk’s Minutes of the Council Meeting on 23rd June, which had been circulated before the summons for the current meeting, as a correct record. There were no matters arising from the Minutes raised.

39/17 Update from the Local Police:
In the absence of a representative of the Local Police, the Clerk gave a brief report on recent issues.

Reports from Committees & Working Parties:

40/17 Planning Applications Committee:
Cllr. Burrows reported on 3 meetings of the Planning Applications Committee which had dealt with 43 applications. The next meeting would be on Tuesday 25th July 2017.

41/17 Policy & Resources Committee:
The Chairman reported on the main items dealt with by the Meeting of the Policy & Resources Committee held on Tuesday 11th July 2017. This included the options for the refurbishment of the KGV Playground, where it was agreed that a working group should be set up, to include Cllrs. Pollitt & Brook, the Clerk, and representatives of the public. The introduction of a formal lease for Cuffley Hall had been considered, and the Clerk would be obtaining heads of terms. The management of Northaw Pond was discussed and Cllr. Brook would be producing a suitable draft specification for what is regarded more as a conservation area at the site of the pond. A request to support new CCTV cameras at the KGV Tennis Courts was considered, and it was agreed that there would need to be a benefit to the Council for this to be supported. It was agreed that it would be helpful to have the project list of jobs reported at Council again.

42/17 The P&R Committee has also considered the Report of the Clerk on the Internal Audit Report for 2016-17, and it was resolved that this be accepted.
43/17 The options for Christmas Lights had been considered and agreed that the previous year arrangements should be repeated, but that a new outdoor P.A. system should be purchased for the lighting ceremony. Improved lights for the Northaw Christmas Tree were agreed.
44/17 The May 2017 Budget Monitoring Report had been considered, along with the June aged debts report, where it was resolved that in future all charges for advertising should be made and collected before adverts are published, subject to any exceptions being agreed by the Chairman, or Vice Chairman.
45/17 The Chairman reported on the proposed review of the Council’s practices, HR policies, and procedures, where it was agreed that the Clerk should have an integral part in any specification for the review.

46/17 Other Committees and Working Parties:
There had been no meetings of the Personnel & Urgency Committee, or the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group since the last meeting of the full Council.

45/17 Review of Free Maynard Place Parking Permits for Cuffley Hall:
The Chairman reported on the review of free Maynard Place Parking Permits for Cuffley Hall, where the P&R Committee had recommended that the Hall should be issued with three free permits (each permit enabled to include two different vehicles), and the entitlement to daily visitor permits when circumstances justify. The Committee had also recommended that the operation of the system should be reviewed in 6 months.
Resolved: The Council agreed to issue 3 free parking permits to Cuffley Hall, with each to include up to 2 vehicles registration numbers, & also issue free one day permits when circumstances justified this. All permits must be issued by the Parish Council.

46/17 Village Day 2017 feedback & plans for 2018:
The Chairman provided feedback on the 2017 Village Day, where there were some 50 stalls, with approximately 1,200 visitors in attendance during the day, and also discussed with Members the options for future village days.
Resolved: That the Council agreed to plan Village Days for the next two years, with the 2019 Village Day being a joint event with the commemoration of 125 years of the Parish Council.

47/17 Refurbishment of KGV Playground:
The Clerk reported on the background linked to the proposed housing development on adjoining land & related S106 funding, and the Chairman commented on the proposals for a working party.
Resolved: As recommended by Policy & Resources Committee, in order to develop proposals for improvements to the KGV Playground, a working party would be established including Cllrs. Pollitt and Brook as Members of the Council, the Clerk, and appropriate members of the public who had expressed an interest in helping with the project.

48/17 Report of the 2017 Grants Panel:
The Clerk and the Chairman reported on the results of the recent Grants Panel Meeting to hear presentations from 7 local voluntary organisations. The Clerk had writing to confirm the offer of Grants of up to £5,000= each to 5 of the organisations who applied and made presentations. The successful applicants were Northaw & Cuffley Football Club; the 1st Cuffley Scouts; Cuffley Hall; Northaw & Cuffley Lawn Tennis Club; and Northaw & Cuffley Bowls Club.

49/17 Outside Committee Reports:
The Chairman reported for the Cuffley Hall Management Committee that a number of fund raising events had been organised, and a lot of new people brought into the Hall, including at the recent Beer & Food Festival.
Cllr. Burrows reported for the Kidston Institute, and Cllr. Wilcox for the Northaw Village Hall. The hall committee were disappointed not to be awarded a grant this year. A new Bookings Secretary had been appointed.
The Clerk reported that there had been no meetings of the Welwyn Association of Local Councils since the last Parish Council Meeting.

50/17 Urgent business accepted by the Clerk:
The Chairman asked for Health & Safety to be put on the Agenda for future Council Meetings as a regular item, and for a working group to be set up which would report to the Policy & Resources Committee. The Chairman and Cllr. Allgood agreed to be the Member representatives on the working group. Members agreed the proposals, and the Chairman would arrange for the first meeting of the Group, which could invite appropriately qualified individuals to join the working group as required.

51/17 Question Time:
A Member of the public raise the issue of the increase in dog fouling, particularly on pavements & footpaths, along with the unpleasant practice of hanging bags of dog poo on trees. The option of appointing the Parish Council’s own Dog Warden for KGV was considered. The Clerk would include an item on Dog Fouling in the Summer Edition of the Council’s Update Magazine.

52/17 Exclusion of the Press and Public:
In accordance with the statutory requirements, the Council passed a resolution to exclude the Public from the remainder of the meeting due to the nature of the items to be considered.

53/17 Council Land in Maynard Place, Cuffley:
The Clerk provided an update on the current position regarding the encroachment and damage to the Council’s Land in Maynard Place. If there was a need for a meeting of the P&U Committee whilst the Vice Chairman was not available during the summer it was agreed that a substitute Member of the Council could added to the Committee on a temporary basis to ensure that a quorum could be achieved. Cllr. Mike Clark volunteered his availability.

54/17 Other Urgent Business:
There was no other urgent business.

55/17 Close of Meeting:
As there was no further business, the Chairman thanked everyone for attending and closed the Meeting at approximately 9-28 p.m.