13TH NOVEMBER 2018 AT 7.30 PM

PRESENT Councillor Sally Pollitt – Chairman
Councillor Andrea Allgood
Councillor Fred Allgood
Councillor Jane Brook
Councillor Jim Sharkey

Deputy Clerk – Carol Branigan

1 Member of the Public

The Chairman made the normal announcement regarding the recording of the Meeting.

PR57/18 Apologies
Cllr. Mike Clark-Vice Chair

PR58/18 Declarations of Interest
Cllr. Sally Pollitt declared her non-pecuniary interest as a Member of the Executive Management Committee of Cuffley Hall.

PR59/18 Minutes of Previous Meeting
Apart from one error noted from the Clerk’s minutes under item PR49/18, they were agreed as a correct record of the meeting.

PR60/18 Actions arising from the Minutes
It was noted that DBS checks were still to be implemented.

PR61/18 Monitor Report, Budget & Precept 2019
It had become apparent, due to prior errors by the Clerk, that during the months of May – July the Councillors had been working on budgets with the wrong figures. This had been noted and they were now back on track and would be seeking confirmation from the Internal Auditor later in the week.
Also it was noted that although salary increases had been approved at 2%, they had in fact been increased by 2.8% which would also be reported. The Finance Officer was to check if incorrect payments had been paid over the last few months. It was proposed to form a Finance sub-group to take place bi-monthly in order to closely monitor Income/expenditure and to revise the Nominal Code listings
with a view to reducing time spent at future P & R meetings.

PR62/18 Bus & Travel Questionnaire Replies
Cllr. Brook gave feedback on 21 Questionnaires. A report will be published in the next edition of Update. Discussion also took place with regard to charging points for electric cars to be added to the Neighbourhood Plan.

PR63/18 Compliance with Transparency Codes
Cllr. Allgood reported that total compliancy was hoped to have been achieved by the end of November but due to staff restrictions this would now have to be deferred to the end of the Financial Year.
With regard to GDPR, we would be enlisting the Consultant to finalise.

PR64/18 Condition Report on Major Assets
Cllr. Pollitt reported on Cuffley Hall funding. On average we would be spending in the region of
approximately £3k per year but build up of funds would be required by year 10 at which point the roof
would need replacing. Other assets would need further inspection prior to Budget including Unit 7 which all agreed is in need of updating.

PR65/18 Parish Council Asset Register
To date the PC Asset Register has not been completed. Cuffley Hall lease should be finalised by the end of the year at which point it will be added. Register to be prioritised at start of New Year.

PR66/18 Condition Reports on KGV & Northaw Playgrounds
The ROSPA report which took place in May 2018 at Northaw Play Area concluded a low risk which should be sufficient for the next three years. Cuffley Play Area, having been replaced this Summer, will be diarised for similar report in July 2019. Under our current Insurance regulations, Safety checks should be carried out at least once a week.

PR67/18 Recommendation for Improving Server & Data Back-Ups
Discussion took place and it was agreed as we currently have regular automatic back-ups, plus various external hard drives, to put this item on hold until after GDPR compliancy.

PR68/18 Tennis Club Lights
As it was originally the request of the Tennis Club to have lighting installed at the adjacent car park, maintenance costs were agreed by the Parish Council at that time to be the Club’s responsibility. In view of the new play equipment and the impending installation of CCTV, it was agreed to share the costs with the Club.

PR69/18 Report of the Auditor Interim Report
As the Auditor was unable to visit at an earlier date, this item to be reported at the next full Council Meeting.

PR70/18 Football Club Lease
The lease has been put on hold due to the potential changes that were mooted in the Neighbourhood Plan regarding the possibility of a new Sports Centre. As a comparable, the Chairman will be visiting other ‘Fields in Trusts’ sites that maintain a Football Club. Discussion took place with regard to striking a balance for all users of the KGV playing field.

PR71/18 Investment
At the recent NALC conference, Cllr. Pollitt had met with a company called CCLA Investment, who specialise in advising Local Councils & Churches where to responsibly invest surplus funds. All agreed this could be visited again once the Neighbourhood Plan had been reviewed.

PR72/18 Telephone Kiosk in Northaw
Cllr. Brook provided a report of costings in order to refurbish the kiosk to a professional standard. The quotes will be reviewed by all and clarified at the next full Council meeting.

PR73/18 Lambs Close Permits
It was agreed by all that a resolution be put to full Council to ask the Borough Council to administer the
Permits at the earliest opportunity.

PR74/18 Staffing
The Chairman thanked the Deputy Clerk for ‘stepping up’ to cover the combined clerical roles created in the previous 8 weeks. All agreed to continue with cover as previously arranged.

PR75/18 Data Protection – DBS check on Parish Councillors & Staff
The Chairman clarified the reasoning for Staff & Councillors to be checked and confirmed it would become Policy for future members.

PR76/18 Outstanding Debts
The Deputy Clerk updated all on the latest unpaid Invoices.

PR77/18 Green Belt Review
Cllrs. Pollitt & Brook had attended the meeting at WHBC of the Inspectors Report and elaborated on the issues raised. We are awaiting dates to be agreed with our consultant, Troy, for a telephone conference
as we are now being allowed to send in reports relating to site specifics, after commenting to the Inspector that we felt that we had been treated unfairly.

PR78/18 Health & Safety Assessment
Due to the recent incident at KGV involving the Groundsman, the Lone Worker was re-assessed.
The Chairman pointed out that although all potential situations may have been covered, the onus is
also on the Staff Member to follow advice as agreed. We are to seek confirmation from the Consultant
as to what annual external checks we should be completing.

PR79/18 Update on Car Parks
Cllr. Dace had produced an impressive, comprehensive report on the financial Income & Loss from the
Car parks since the introduction of the WHOOSH telephone payment system at our Sopers Road site. Wardens from WHBC are now patrolling both car parks and we will need to allow for this cost in the
forthcoming Budget.

PR80/18 Update on the 125 Commemoration
Cllr. A. Allgood updated all on the latest plans that were being slightly scaled back from the initial ideas.
All activities are to be ‘branded’ and the logo has been designed to fit all media. Lots of ideas and events are being brought together to encompass all in the Community.

PR81/18 Youth & Community Centre
Cllr. Pollitt will be meeting with members of the Committee to discuss their future plans, as the current
Chairman, Tony Tytherleigh will be standing down at their next AGM.

PR82/18 Outstanding Works & Projects
Cllr. Pollitt reported that finally some items had been completed, such as the Northaw War Memorial
and the ‘wings’ for the Leefe Robinson Memorial. The Deputy Clerk reported that she had chased up
the signs that were supposedly being made for Northaw Village Green but was still waiting for written
confirmation. The refurbishment of the Parish Office is to be added to the list and the Chairman asked
for further ideas to be put forward.

PR83/18 Parish Council Inventory
Cllr. Pollitt informed all that as this item was not our highest priority, it was currently on hold.

PR84/18 CCTV
Nothing to update.

PR85/18 Questions from the Public
There was none

PR86/18 Exclusion of the Press & Public
This was not required.

PR87/18 Update on Maynard Place Development & Parish Council Land
The Chairman provided the latest update on the current position

PR88/18 Any items accepted as Urgent by the Chair
The Chair informed all that a P & U meeting would need to take place to deal with issues arising during
the Clerks longstanding absence.

PR89/18 Close of Meeting
There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.04pm

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