7 Maynard Place, Cuffley, Hertfordshire, EN6 4JA 01 707 875825

4th January 2017.

Dear Councillor,
You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council Policy & Resources Committee, to be held in the Council Offices, Maynard Place, Cuffley, on Tuesday 10th January 2017 at 4.00 p.m.

Yours sincerely.

 Jason Grocock Clerk of the Council.

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend, but may be excluded from certain items on the Agenda due to their confidential nature. The Meeting may be recorded.


1.  Apologies.
2.  Declarations of interest:
3.  Minutes of Policy & Resources Committee Meeting dated 8th November 2016, previously circulated.
4.  Local Plan – Report of the Chairman.
5.  Review of Grants Policy for 2017 – Report of the Clerk & Chairman.
6.  Water Tanks on Northaw Green – Report of the Clerk.
7.  Parish Council CCTV system – purpose, use, and future – Report of the Clerk.
8.  KGV Play Equipment & use of S106 funds – Report of the Chairman.
9.  Outstanding Projects and Works – Report of the Clerk.
10.  Maynard Place – Parking & Yellow Lines – Report of the Chairman.
11.  Collection of Green Waste – Report of Cllr. Allgood.
12.  Update re Maynards Place Development – Report of the Chairman.
13.  Council New Website – Report of the Clerk.
14.   Eligibility for Chairmanship of the Council – Report of the Chairman.
15.   December Revenue Monitor Report & Budget 2017-18 – Report of the Clerk.
16.   Questions from the Public.
17.   Exclusion of the Press and Public.
18.   Recommendations of the P&U Committee – Staff Salaries & Pensions – Report of the Chairman.
19.    Contracts re Maynard Place Car Park Ticket Machine – Report of the Clerk & Cllr. Dace.
20.    Any items accepted as Urgent by the Clerk.
21.    Close of Meeting.   (The next Meeting of the P&R Committee is planned for Tuesday 7th March 2017.)

Clerk to the Council: Jason Grocock