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Jason J Grocock     Clerk to the Council

Meetings of the Parish Council

Meetings of the Full Parish Council are held in the months of January, March, May, June, July, September and November.  All Meetings are usually on Thursday Evenings starting at 7:30pm in Cuffley Hall Small Hall, with the exception of the July Meeting, which is held on a Tuesday Evening from 7:30pm in Northaw Village Hall.


The May Meeting is the Annual Parish Council Meeting when the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Council are elected for the new Council Year. The June Meeting is a relatively short Meeting for the main purpose of agreeing the Annual Return, and Statutory Statements.

The Policy and Resources Committee Meetings are usually held in the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November. All of these Meetings are usually held in the Parish Council Offices in Maynard Place, starting at 4:00pm They are also held between one and two weeks before the full Council Meeting.

Meetings of the Planning Applications Committee are usually held at least once or twice in every month of the year with the frequency depending on the numbers of Planning Applications which require consideration. Meetings are held in the Parish Council Offices, usually on Wednesday afternoons starting at 3:00pm.

All of the above Meetings are open to the public. Agenda and Minutes in respect of the full Council and the Policy & Resources Committee are published on the Parish Council Website, the Council Office window, and notice boards.

To view the date of meetings for 2018 please go to the Schedule of Meetings.

Latest additional information

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GDPR and Privacy Policy

Northaw and Cuffley Parish Council have updated and published their Privacy Policy and GDPR statement which explain how your data is used and protected on the website and within the Parish Council. Both can be accessed through the link in the bottom of the website called Privacy Policy. You can also download or view them by clicking on the buttons below for the respective documents. Both will open in a new window. Close the window to return to here.

24-05-18 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council

7 Maynard Place, Cuffley, Hertfordshire, EN6 4JA
01707 875825

17th May 2018.

Dear Councillor,
You are summoned to attend the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council to be held in Cuffley Hall Meeting Room on Thursday 24th May 2018 at 7.30 pm.

Yours sincerely,

Jason Grocock

Clerk to the Council.

read more…

Formal Declaration of Results of Poll

The following is a copy of the formal document that declares the results from a poll issued by the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council returning officer for the ward of Northaw and Cuffley.

It indicates that John Bernard Sarson, Conservative Party was elected with 1152 votes, and Simon Anthony Wrenn, Conservative party was elected with 1133 votes.

Click on the following link to see a copy of the full results: Borough Council Election Results – Northaw Cuffley May 2018

15-05-18 Summons and Agenda for Policy and Resources Committee

7 Maynard Place, Cuffley, Hertfordshire, EN6 4JA 01 707 875825

9th May 2018.

Dear Councillor,
You are summoned to attend a meeting of the Parish Council Policy & Resources Committee, to be held in the Council Offices, Maynard Place, Cuffley, on Tuesday15th May 2018 at 4.00 p.m.                              read more…

15-03-18 Full Council Minutes


HELD AT 7.30pm ON THURSDAY 15th MARCH 2018,


Present       Councillor Sally Pollitt – Chairman
Councillor Mike Clark
Councillor Jane Brook
Councillor Peter Dace.
Councillor Andrea Allgood.
Councillor Eric Wilcox.

Clerk & Proper Officer, Jason Grocock
Deputy Clerk – Carol Branigan read more…

Grant Awarding Policy, Rules and Procedure (2017)

The following is an extract from the document. At the bottom of this entry you can download the full document:


Rules approved by the Council at the Meeting on 19th January 2017


A Grant by a Local Council can be described as a payment made by the Council to be used by an organisation for a specific purpose in the furtherance of the well being of the local community, either generally, or for a specific purpose, and which is not directly controlled or administered by the Council. read more…

Good News for Local Council Tax Payers

Parish Council Budget and Precept for 2018-19

As some Local Residents may recall, at this time last year, the Parish Council increased its Budget and Precept well above inflation, with £55,000 of the increased Precept being a contribution to the expected costs of launching an objection to the Borough Council Local Plan. At the time the Council resolved that it would reduce the Precept by the same amount in the next financial year. Hence for the new Financial Year 2018-19, read more…

Parish Council Grants


We are pleased to announce that, as in the 2017, we are again inviting Local Voluntary Organisations to apply for a Grant from the Parish Council. Grants will be for a minimum of £250= and a maximum of £5,000=. A total budget of approximately £25,000= is available for the financial year 2018-19. The Grant Awarding Policy, Rules, & Procedures are available from the Parish Council Office at 7 Maynard Place, Cuffley, or by visiting our Website at:  and downloading a copy. read more…

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